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TAC: Professional Development Recordings and Resources

TAC link to Professional Development Recordings and Resources.

TAC Talks Shorts Ep 17 - Fraudulent Certificates

This 6-minute episode tackles a critical issue: fake certificates and their threat to your RTO's standing. It offers practical insights on enhancing certificate security and verifying incoming credentials, safeguarding your RTO and the entire VET sector.

NCVER: Podcast - Overcoming VET delivery challenges in regional Australia (2023)

Vocational Voices S8, episode 1 - Steve Davis interviews Joanne Payne, Managing Director, Central Regional TAFE in WA, Tabatha Griffin, Senior Research Officer, NCVER and Simon Walker, Managing Director, NCVER about these challenges and the need for diverse and flexible training approaches to better meet the needs of people in regional areas.

Appeals Register example template

A simple register template to log assessment appeals

Complaints Register example template

A simple register template to log formal complaints

Reasonable Adjustment – information for learners

Trans Train - example of information to learners about reasonable adjustment

School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships in NSW (SBAT)

NSW Government website link to information about SBATs

TAC: Application Forms

TAC website link to application forms for registration and accreditation

VRQA: Information about VET Course Accreditation

VRQA website link to information about VET Course Accreditation

ASQA FAQs Fees paid in advance

ASQA website link to FAQs regarding fees paid in advance

ASQA: Training Packages

ASQA website link to information about Training Packages.

ASQA: RTOs (information and materials)

ASQA: link to information and materials for RTOs.

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