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Velg Training’s COVID Safety Measures

Our main priority is your health and safety at our event.

Velg Training continues to work with the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre leading up to the event to ensure that a number of safeguards
are put into place to protect our attendees, staff, presenters, sponsors and contractors.

The venue will also continue to include precautions that maintain the safety of all our attendees.

Attendee Wellbeing

If you have flu-like symptoms, such as a fever, cough, or sore throat, please stay at home until you feel better.

Directional Signage

The venue will provide directional markings when entering the Exhibition area and breakout rooms. Hygiene messaging will be prominently displayed throughout the venue to encourage health and safety practices.

Face Masks

There is currently no face mask mandate at the venue. If this however does change prior to the event, all attendees will be notified.

Hand Sanitisers and Cleaning

The venue provides sanitisers throughout the floor space. Regularly cleaning of high touchpoints surfaces such as bathrooms, escalators and benches will be maintained.

Maximum Capacity Limits

There is currently no limit placed on the capacity of the space. However if this changes leading up to the event, the venue will adjust accordingly to ensure the safety of our attendees.

Physical Distancing

Whilst the crowd capacity is no longer necessary, we strongly recommend that you keep a safe distance at all times during the event.

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