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Developing Assessment for Clustered Units of Competency

19 October 2018

Melbourne date now available: 19 October 2018 at Saxons Training Facilities in Melbourne CBD - Register now!

Over 37% of feedback received across the last 2 years has identified you want more PD about clustering assessment!  This five star workshop is back again in 2018!Clustering units of competency is a process that can enhance the training and assessment outcomes for students. Assessments can reflect realistic workplace tasks through the gathering of holistic evidence as well as having an impact on the amount of training; and assist the RTO in its justification of the number of hours defined in the Training and Assessment Strategy. This workshop has been designed to take participants through the process of designing efficient and effective assessment tools for groups or clusters of units of competency and avoid the pitfalls associated with over or under assessing.

Key topics covered in the Workshop

To extend the existing knowledge and skills of participants in relation to assessment processes, this workshop will examine:

  • How to identify units of competency within a qualification to cluster for assessment
  • The development of assessment tools
  • Mapping of assessments to each unit in the cluster
  • The process of collecting evidence
  • Making judgements

Who should attend

  • Trainers and Assessors
  • VET Teachers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Curriculum Developers
  • L&D Managers

What to expect

  • Arrival tea and coffee, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • PowerPoint presentation and Workbook
  • Additional electronic resources
  • Electronic Statement of Attendance


John Price


John Price has been an educator and trainer for over 40 years and in that time has worked as a Head of Department at TAFE, mentor, facilitator of national workshops covering delivery and assessment, risk management, auditing, leadership and interpersonal skill development.

John has been a keynote speaker at conventions and conferences, and maintained a grass roots level approach to dealing with people at all levels of the organisation.

He has also assisted over 300 organisations in Australia to achieve quality certification to the range of National Training Standards including: Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations (versions 2012 and 2015); Australian Quality Training Framework standards (AQTF from 2001 – 2010) Australian and International ISO9001 standards (AS/NZS and ISO from 1987 – 2008) and worked with these organisations in establishing continuous improvement systems and strategies.


Location Date Venue

Feedback from 19 People who attended

Developing Assessment for Clustered Units of Competency

  • Content

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  • Experience

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  • Presenters

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Positive aspects of this training

"Networking opportunities, assurance of current clustering competent."
J Geddes - CQ University

"An extremely knowledgeable presenter who was well organised and prepared. John took the time to take the necessary side steps required to clarify the range of questions and concerns that existed within the room but always managed to bring the conversations back to the core focus."
K Mather - Dyno Nobel Asia Pacifc

"Delivery of approach and the facilitators ability to connect with everyone"
J Duncan - Flight Centre Travel Group

How the training could be improved

"If anything - perhaps just a little more time to be able to work through the set activities and my only other suggestion would be perhaps a more detailed description and exemplar of what clustering is and involves at the beginning of the course."
K Mather - Dyno Nobel Asia Pacifc

"Overall very satisfied. Maybe timing, as we did run out of time at the end to complete the activity"
S Crowe - TAE Queensland

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