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2019 QLD Schools VET Conference

9 August 2019
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Here's just some of the feedback received from attendees of our 2018 event:

"What was the best thing about the 2018 QLD Schools VET Conference?"

‘Access to a wide range of information from stallholders to presenters.’

‘Being able to network with other schools and see how VET is being approached in different schools.’

‘Information & inspiration from presenters and meeting with colleagues’

‘Really well and professionally organised and a variety of external organisations with a variety of information kits as well as the diversity within the sessions.’

‘Listening to the different speakers and their passion about what we do.’

‘Key note speaker - excellent; The Trade exhibitors-  varied and informative; Sessions - delivered by experts in the field; Venue - easy to access, food and facilities very good.’

‘The chance to network and remain informed on QCAA updates and VET initiatives’

‘Great atmosphere with like-minded people coming together. The first one I have attended and I will go again next year.
The venue was good.’

‘The sessions are geared directly for Queensland schools with information we can use right now to improve our VET Practices.'

‘Getting information that was the most up-to-date; having other people ask questions which I hadn't thought of or which echoed my questions so I could see that I wasn't the only one with similar questions.'

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