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Student-Centred Audit Tips to Connect With Millennial Learners

Student-Centred Audit Tips to Connect With Millennial Learners image

 aXcelerate have put together the ultimate guide to navigating Millennials social behaviours and learning preferences to build brand loyalty with your RTO—check out the summary below!

1. Marketing

Young audiences were born into a world of information overload. They’re accustomed to having content thrown in their face and are masters of scanning and filtering to find what’s most relevant. When marketing to new learners, keep it short and sweet. Focus your message and condense your information for a better cut-through. When it comes to communicating, less is more.

2. Enrolment

For Generation Y, reviews matter above all else. They’re more trustful of the comments of their peers than the promise of a corporation. Put testimonials on your enrolment pages to reassure Millennials they’re about to make the right choice.

3. Support

Millennials were raised in a more sheltered environment than their parents, growing up with baby-on-board stickers and rarely being left unsupervised. They can need a bit more nurturing than previous generations. Try offering time management workshops and self-development skills programs to help them manage their studies.

4. Training and Assessment

Millennials have always had Google there to give them the answers they need. They don’t look to trainers to provide them with information, rather, they want trainers to help them apply it. It’s important to relate learnings to current contexts to help a Millennial connect information with real-world concepts.

5. Completion

Remember before when we mentioned that Millennials use the reviews of their peers to make decisions? Use the completion stage to turn a Gen Y student into a brand advocate. Whether it’s an exclusive alumni benefits group or an industry networking society, use it as a way to cement brand trust. They’ll feel supported and be more likely to recommend your RTO to others.

For more tips on connecting with Millennial audiences, check out the full guide!

Date posted Dec 6, 2018

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