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Revised National VET Data Policy – Making Enrolment Simpler

Revised National VET Data Policy – Making Enrolment Simpler image

The new Privacy Notice no longer requires RTOs to collect and keep a record of student consent. Registered training organisations (RTOs) are still required to provide the Privacy Notice to all students at enrolment, but the new format removes the need to record and report student consent, making the enrolment process simpler.

Changes to National VET Data Policy – Schedule 1 Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice and Student Declaration at Schedule 1 of the National VET Data Policy has changed.  RTOs must use the new Privacy Notice from 1 July 2019, but can commence using it from January 2019.  

NCVER’s example enrolment form now contains the new Privacy Notice.

The new Privacy Notice also makes it clear that this Privacy Notice is in addition to any other specific requirements RTOs are obligated to provide to their students, for example, under state or territory privacy laws.

The Australian Government takes individuals' privacy very seriously. RTOs using the new Privacy Notice will still be compliant with Australian Privacy Principle 6 as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 in disclosing personal information to NCVER as part of the National VET Provider Collection.

For more information, you can view the Australian Government Department of Education and Training’s website.

Date posted Jan 10, 2019

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