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If this were bingo, we’d be talking Sherwood Forest – “all the trees”

If this were bingo, we’d be talking Sherwood Forest – “all the trees” image

Luckily, you won’t need to understand bingo language to get value from the NVC presentations on offer this year.  Continuing our presenter showcase, this week we introduce:

Mary Brooke

Mary Brooke has a career in education spanning one and a half decades. With extensive experience as a teacher, researcher and project manager in private and public education sectors, she also spent eight years as an LLN practitioner and two years teaching English in Kyoto, Japan. 

Mary holds degrees in Adult Education, English, Linguistics and Educational Leadership and is currently an Advanced Skills Teacher at TasTAFE. She has particular interest in promoting learner engagement through the use of emerging technologies.

Julian Ridden

Julian Ridden is an avid technologist and is passionate about open source, open education and methodologies to create dynamic learning environments. An expert in engaging content design, he supports innovation and ensuring that technology is implemented to support teaching and learning while making teachers’ lives easier. Julian works closely with academic staff in educational institutions across the Asia Pacific to get the most out of their Learning Management System. Currently working at Instructure,

Julian has over 15 years’ experience in education (specifically online eLearning) with a range of corporate clients and educational institutions, as well as experience in project management, systems implementation, networking, support and training.

Carol Hautot

Carol Hautot worked in Hotel Management before moving into Vocational Education and Training. She has since had over 20 years’ experience as a workplace trainer for industry and private government and non-profit RTOs. Carol was a business coach with ActionCoach for 10 years and won an excellence award in 2012 for client results. In 2013, she established her own  company, Dynamic Conversations, to engage professional actors to educate and entertain, especially in the area of EQ and interpersonal skills. This allows Carol to offer powerful ‘ah-ha!’ moments that have a big impact on audiences. 

She currently works as a Compliance Manager whilst building online courses and developing live events. 

Kathryn McGilvray

Kathryn McGilvray is an instructional designer, blended learning specialist and Google certified Google Apps for Education trainer. She is a technology coach and mentor and the founder of Central Coast TeachMeet. Kathryn loves working with teachers and students to develop blended learning, including Google Apps and Virtual reality, that is engaging yet meets industry audit and training needs. Kathryn currently works as an Instructional Designer for TAFE. Knowledge and networking is crucial to develop sound andragogy practice and sometimes the most valuable thing you get from your network isn’t an idea but the inspiration and courage to try something new (George Couros).

To see these speakers plus others, in person, book your seat at the 2017 National VET Conference.

Date posted Aug 10, 2017

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