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Webinar Recording: Systematic validation of assessment - what are you checking?

Velg Training


Recorded on 07/11/2018, this webinar looked at a range of assessment validation components as ‘best practice’ opportunities that inform continuously improved assessment services.

Topic overview:

Whilst systematic validation of assessment is a requirement of the Standards for RTOs 2015, this process is a prime opportunity for RTOs to ensure the quality implementation of its assessment services and provide industry relevant projects and tasks that align to current workplace skill requirements.  When asking yourself the question ‘What am I checking?’, it is important to cover all aspects that impact upon, and result from, the assessment process including literacy and numeracy requirements, levels of learning, industry requirements and interim feedback.

What was covered in the session:

  • Aligning your assessment tools to competency requirements and current industry expectations
  • Providing clear and comprehensive instructions for learners, enabling them to produce competent evidence for assessment
  • Ensuring consistent assessment is informed and guided by clear and comprehensive assessor instructions
  • Collecting assessment evidence that is valid, sufficient, authentic and current
  • Taking into account language, literacy and numeracy skills, and identified special needs of individual students
  • Assessing learners in line with the required AQF level criteria
  • Acquiring adequate feedback from learners and assessors
  • Engaging with representatives to inform the industry relevance of assessment practices and resources

Webinar content targeted towards:

  • RTO Owner/Managers
  • RTO Compliance Manager
  • Trainer and Assessor
  • Head of Faculty/Department
  • Consultant

Webinar duration: 60 minutes


Bio of presenter:

John Price has been an educator and trainer for over 40 years and in that time has worked as a Head of Department at TAFE, mentor, facilitator of national workshops covering delivery and assessment, risk management, auditing, leadership and interpersonal skill development.  He has also assisted over 300 organisations in Australia to achieve quality certification to the range of National Training Standards including: Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations (versions 2012 and 2015); Australian Quality Training Framework standards (AQTF from 2001 – 2010) Australian and International ISO9001 standards (AS/NZS and ISO from 1987 – 2008) and worked with these organisations in establishing continuous improvement systems and strategies.

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