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Webinar: Engaging Online Learning Tools for Training

Velg Training


Recorded on 07/12/2018 and forming part of Velg Training's Focus Week on eLearning, this webinar explored how online tools can help to increase engagement with learners. As trainers, where do we begin? How do we incorporate the use of technology in our training across a range of delivery methods?

Topic overview:

Face-to-face, blended delivery, flipped classroom, online learning – all of these delivery methods have one thing in common: the need to engage the learner.  The use of online tools to engage learners is booming! Many learners want to connect online as part of their learning journey, others just enjoy using technology. As trainers, where do we begin? How do we incorporate the use of technology in our training across a range of delivery methods?

Assessment is the core business of an RTO. This webinar was a refresher for all assessors in how they should plan to conduct assessment and to apply the assessment process. The webinar covered determining the approach for assessment and preparing the assessment plan. The development of assessment instruments was also discussed along with approaches to contextualising the assessment to the candidate or workplace.

N.B Statements of Attendance or Certificates of Completion are not available with Velg Training products as we cannot verify attendance/viewing. However, this can still be recorded as valid professional development (PD) in your Trainer/Assessor Profile and verified by your supervisor, RTO Manager or CEO (depending on the policies and procedures adopted by your RTO).  

What was covered in the session:

  • Brief overview of learning theories and the relationship to the use of online tools
  • Examples of online tools that can be used in a range of situations
  • Guide to evaluating online tools for use with your learners

Webinar content targeted towards:

  • Curriculum Leader
  • Trainer/Assessor
  • Consultant

Webinar duration: 60 minutes

Bio of presenter:

Kerri Buttery has worked in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector for two decades as a Trainer/Assessor, RTO Manager and also as a Senior Lead Auditor. Kerri has worked as a consultant for a range of organisations in the areas of establishing Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), conducting internal audits, consulting on VQF compliance, developing accredited courses, convening conferences and events, developing training and assessment materials, conducting professional development workshops and delivering Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She also specialises in eLearning consulting, with a particular focus on the Canvas LMS by Instructure.

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