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Webinar: Why WAS my TAS compliant but now it's not?

Velg Training


Recorded on 18/10/2019, this webinar unpacked why a TAS may have been considered compliant at Audit but now it’s not.

Topic overview:

The TAS is more than just a compliance document or set of documents! It is the itinerary used to take your learners on their journey to achieve a nationally recognised qualification or unit.

But HOW do you have confidence in your TAS - that it is and will continue to be, compliant?

Is your RTO doing what you SAID you were going to do when the TAS was written?  Does your TAS reflect current practice?

The TAS should be a living, breathing thing!  Not a static point in time reference. Many factors can influence whether your TAS (if audited today) would be considered compliant. These include the natural changes that occur operationally in your RTO or as a result of a formal Training Product Review/continuous improvement process.

What was covered in the session:

  • Minimum requirements of TAS
  • Changes that occur in the operations of the RTO that need to be reflected in the TAS
  • Most common non compliances seen in TASs
  • An example of a TAS

Webinar content targeted towards:

  • Trainer and Assessors
  • Heads of Faculty/Department/Area Managers
  • Private Individuals
  • Curriculum Developers/L&D Managers
  • RTO Managers
  • Compliance Managers

Webinar duration: 60 minutes


Bio of presenter:

Angela McGregor is the owner and principal consultant of RTO Consulting who has been offering consulting services throughout Australia. RTO Consulting was also established to provide guidance, coaching and assistance to businesses wanting to become a RTO, existing RTOs and businesses wanting to develop nationally accredited courses.

Angela has successfully set up her own RTO in January 2003, which she successfully sold in July of 2012.

As a practitioner dedicated to sharing knowledge, Angela has consulted through many forums pertaining to compliance issues and improvement strategies for training and assessment services. Angela is known for her current industry, knowledge and success in developing accredited courses and track record in setting up RTOs and assisting RTOs with compliance against the VET Quality Framework.

Angela holds a number of qualifications including; Diploma of Quality Auditing, Diploma of VET Registration and Management, Diploma of Business, Diploma of Training and Assessment and Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing.

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