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TAS Template and Guide

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This product provides both a TAS template and a comprehensive supporting guide to assist in identifying and explaining the level of details required in the TAS, to demonstrate compliance.

A Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) is the roadmap developed by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to represent its plan for the delivery of a VET course (stand-alone unit, skill set, VET accredited course or qualification). The information provided in this document guides a range of stakeholders in the approach taken to reach the objectives of the program within the desired timeframes. Stakeholders include trainers and assessors, RTO management, RTO administration and potentially, but less often, students.

The TAS provides detail around all aspects of the qualification and documents how the RTO will meet all resourcing requirements as well as delivery of training for all units of competency as well as the assessment arrangements (including methodology, resources and timing of assessment). Often there is confusion around the level of detail required in the TAS, along with the minimum required sections to be included. This is all explained in the Guide to Developing a Training and Assessment Strategy.

RTOs are required by the Standards (SRTO 1.1-1.4 / AQTF Standard 1.2) to provide documented strategies for the delivery of nationally recognised training and assessment and there are a range of minimum requirements that need to be included in this document, or set of documents. A template is provided in this product that meets these minimum compliance requirements, and can be readily adapted by your RTO to include additional items that your RTO wishes to include.

This product includes two documents:

  1. a detailed guide (9 pages) on how to complete a TAS, explaining the detail required in each section to demonstrate compliance
  2. a TAS template (Word document) guided by ASQA’s minimum requirements for compliance in the Training and Assessment Strategy

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