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Webinar: Designing Compliant Simulations in Assessment Tools

Velg Training


Recorded on 25/10/2019 as part of National VET PD Week, this webinar showed how you can create a workplace within your assessment tool that will address the principles of assessment and rules of evidence.

Topic overview:

Registered Training Organisations are under increasing scrutiny by ASQA. Clause 1.8 (assessment complies with the training package and is conducted using the principles of assessment and the rules of evidence), continues to be a focus of their concern.  The National Regulator comments that a majority of RTOs’ assessment tools are providing limited assessment of candidate skills because:

  • Simulations don’t cover performance criteria
  • There is improper (or no) implementation of knowledge and performance evidence, and foundation skills
  • Assessment conditions (e.g. organisational policies and procedures) are not used in the assessment

The failure of assessment tools is not surprising because most are written for a training room and not the workplace. However, in competency-based assessment, when an individual is deemed competent, this means they can perform that task in the workplace. In other words, they are job ready.

This creates a problem, as a unit of competence will more than likely include actions such as:

  • Consult stakeholders…
  • Implement plan….
  • Monitor business activities….
  • Use organisational policies and procedures…

These actions where you consult, implement, monitor, use etc. are not easy to replicate in a training room environment! For example, how do you monitor the success of your operational plan in the training room?

Yet, creating a simulation to mirror the real world, though a challenge, is essential if you want to achieve compliance. In this session, attendees will be shown how they can create a workplace within your assessment tool that will address the principles of assessment and rules of evidence, using difficult units that Mark has come across.

Mark will provide examples that will satisfy the most discerning auditor!

N.B Statements of Attendance or Certificates of Completion are not available with Velg Training products as we cannot verify attendance/viewing. However, this can still be recorded as valid professional development (PD) in your Trainer/Assessor Profile and verified by your supervisor, RTO Manager or CEO (depending on the policies and procedures adopted by your RTO).  

Webinar content targeted towards:

  • Trainers and Assessors
  • Training Managers
  • Curriculum Developers
  • L&D Managers
  • RTO Compliance Managers

Webinar duration: 60 minutes

Bio of presenter:

Mark Long is the Director of VETfair. He has a wealth of experience with the auditing requirements of RTO’s. Over the years, Mark has assisted many Colleges across a number of industry sectors meet compliance. In addition, he has been an external auditor for the Vocational Education and Accreditation Board(VETAB). In those years, Mark conducted initial and re-registration audits across all disciplines in the VET sector.

Mark is one of the few consultants in VET who is officially registered with an international body. As a certified auditor, Mark maintains a professional standard which is monitored by Exemplar Global. This assurance reinforces his reputation as a practicing specialist where his record to date is the achievement of total compliance.

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