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Velg Training Learner Motivation Manual template

Velg Training


Use this Learner Motivation Manual as part of your RTO’s response to Standard 1.7, ‘Support learners’. This document is designed to encourage students throughout their learning journey, and to motivate them toward achieving their study goals with your RTO.

How well a student believes they can do something will greatly impact their motivation toward study. Completion rates are one factor that are in turn, also impacted when a student loses their confidence and study momentum.

The Learner Motivation Manual is a series of quick and easy reads around some of the most common ‘barriers’ for students. It includes a self-help checklist, to encourage students to take ownership of their learning, and some basic information on things such as:

  • Learning and assessment in a VET environment – and how this is different to school
  • Typical reactions to study
  • Stress management tips
  • Sharing and managing information
  • Staying positive and focused

The Manual contains space for students to make notes, and a calendar to help them plan learning activities.

The document is unlocked and ready to be contextualised for your RTO.


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