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Speed Training Administration

Finding time for professional development activities can sometimes be a real challenge! Velg Training is proud to offer the highest quality content in the most convenient way possible, delivered by absolute experts in their fields, through this unique event. 

Our ever-popular Speed Training event on the 6th December is all about ADMINISTRATION, facilitated by Angela McGregor, one of our most popular presenters in the compliance space and an absolute Administration Guru!

Getting ready for a Performance Assessment (audit) can feel like a daunting thing! Especially for those who are responsible for administrative processes in your RTO.

Whether you are an Administrator, Administration Manager, Operational Manager or Compliance/RTO Manager – preparing from an administrative perspective is so important.

Designed in direct response to your feedback, Speed Training: Administration has been developed to help anyone who is involved in administration systems and processes feel empowered when it comes to getting ready for Performance Assessment.

Speed Training: Administration provides the opportunity for you to register for a bundle of 5 x 45 min webinars* to gain some real insights about the obligations of an RTO when it comes to preparing for Performance Assessments.  

Can't attend all 5 webinars live? Don't worry!  Register for the package of 5, attend those that suit your schedule and you will be sent the recordings for any you missed. Watch them when it suits you and contact Velg Training and you will be issued with your Certificate of Completion. 

If we are armed with the right information and understand what is expected administratively, we can approach a Performance Assessment feeling confident and organised.

So, what do we need to know from an administration perspective? Find out this December! Don’t wait till the last minute, get “ready” today!


Members: $190 (inc GST)

Non-Members: $249 (inc GST)

*Webinars are part of a 5 piece package, and cannot be purchased individually.

Date: Monday 6 December 2021


Or click to find out more below.  Speed Training: Administration is made up of the following sessions:

9.00am - 9.45am

The Standards and Evidence Requirements
Part 1

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This session focuses specifically on evidence requirements of the Standards that relate to the information provided to learners prior to and at enrolment as well as throughout their progression in the course.  It will also look at requirements relating to complaints, appeals and completion.

10.15am - 11.00am

The Standards and Evidence Requirements
Part 2

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Session 2 continues to explore the evidence requirements of the Standards.  This webinar will unpack those requirements that relate to administration of Training and Assessment Strategies, trainers and assessors, the actual training and assessment and validation.

11.30am - 12.15pm

When Does it Happen and What if There’s a Non-compliance?

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After exploring the requirements of the standards in sessions 1 and 2, session 3 looks to focus on the what and when of Performance Assessments. It includes information about what happens when a non-compliance is identified, the resubmission process and retrospectively addressing non-compliances.

1.15pm - 2.00pm

The Important Role of Administration

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Administration of systems, processes and practices in an RTO is critical to its success! This session will look at the vital role of administration in terms of record keeping, involvement in (and following) a performance assessment as well managing ongoing evidence requirements.

2.30pm - 3.15pm

Get Ready: Practices to implement

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Compliance should not just be reactive, but rather a proactive approach embedded in your RTO’s practices. This final session will look at undertaking a review of your current evidence and record keeping practices and will focus on developing an annual approach to monitoring compliance.


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