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AIG : Investing in Workforce Literacy Pays 2015

The Australian Industry Group (AIG) publication on the importance of building employer commitment to workplace language, literacy and numeracy programs

Webinar Recording: TAE PD Week - Enhancing Learning in the Workplace 2

Recorded on 4/12/2020 and forming part of the TAE PD Week, this webinar examined how to create the balance when planning, organising and facilitating learning for individuals in a workplace, and showed how using real work activities as the basis for learning can create more authentic outcomes.

Webinar Recording: Focus Week - Intermediate H5P - The next leap in creating interactive content

Recorded on the 12/10/2021 and forming part of the Velg Training Focus Week on H5P, this webinar took participants through the key components of H5P and guided on building out some of the intermediate level content types.

Mitchell Report: Preparing young people for the future of work – Round Table Report 2017

Mitchell Institute Round Table Report that puts forward two ideas about how Australia’s education system can change to accelerate innovation and improve transitions to employment.

Competency and currency Summary Matrix example template

An example template that can be used to record an overview of the competency and currency of each staff member delivering a qualification

Evidence Mapping Template (for use with Traditional Units of Competency)

An example of a template that could be used to map traditional units of competency

ITECA: Jobs & Skills Australia Discussion Paper Response (2023)

ITECA was invited by the Australian Government to provide advice on an issues paper that canvassed the role and governance of JSA. In response, the ITECA membership provide a detailed response that included recommendations that would ensure that JSA is fully engaged with independent RTOs and operates in with full accountability to stakeholders.

Focus Week: Administration (Webinar Recording Bundle)

The Focus Week for Administration bundle is made up of five content rich webinars, delivered by our Administration Expert Angela McGregor and was designed to provide convenient, relevant and supportive professional development that will assist anyone who plays an administrative role (or manages administrative processes) within an RTO.

Team Assessment Responsibility Plan example template

An example template that can be used to record Team Assessment arrangements in place

Evidence Mapping Template (for use with Streamlined Units of Competency)

An example of a template that could be used to map streamlined units of competency

VelgCast: AVETMISS & Student Data Processing

An overview of what AVETMISS processing is required, result types and start & end dates

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