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Sample: Community College NSW Reasonable Adjustment to Teaching and Assessment Policy

A Community College NSW example of a reasonable adjustment policy (for teaching and assessment)

Continuous Improvement Log example template

An example template that could be used to log or register can be kept to record Continuous Improvement actions and outcomes

Staff Experience Register example template

An example template of how trainers’ work history as relevant to the qualifications being delivered, can be recorded

Webinar Recording: The What, Why, Who, How and When of Reasonable Adjustment

Recorded on 21/10/2019 as part of National VET PD Week, this webinar answered the question: What does reasonable adjustment really mean in practice? With a focus on compliance (rather than equity) it unpacked the what, why, who, how and when!

Webinar Recording: What do Foundation Skills Mean for the 'General' Trainer & Assessor

Recorded on 23/05/2018, this webinar explores the implications of foundation skills for ”general” trainers and assessors rather than LLN specialists.

TAC: Fact Sheet - Assuring the Quality of RTO Processes, Practices and Products

Training Accreditation Council (TAC) Fact Sheet about Assuring the Quality of RTO Processes, Practices and Products

TAC: Webinar - Workshop 1: Generative AI – The Potential and Pitfalls for VET (2023)

Timestamp: 36:05 - Workshop 1: Generative AI – The Potential and Pitfalls for VET.

AVETMISS 8.0: Standard enrolment questions example form (2021 onwards)

This sample enrolment form is designed to assist registered training organisations (RTOs) collect and submit data compliant with AVETMISS for the National VET Provider Collection as required by the Data Provision Requirements 2012 and National VET Data Policy.

Diggin’ In! Addressing LLN Issues in the Resources and Infrastructure Industry 2012

Service Skills Australia (SSA) publication - a guide for trainers on addressing LLN issues in the resources and infrastructure industry

Productivity Commission: The Demand Driven University System: A mixed report card (2019)

This research paper was released on 17 June 2019 and it documents what happened during the demand driven university system before it ceased in 2017.

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