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ASQA: Webinar - ASQA's Regulatory Approach

Broadcast: 13/5/21; ASQA Link to webinar on ASQA’s Regulatory Approach led by ASQA’s Deputy CEO Christina Bolger and hosted by Executive Director, Regulatory Engagement & Education, Steve Maillet.

VelgCast: Options for gathering assessment evidence

An overview that provides information about gathering assessment evidence and determining the right approach to evidence gathering

Australian Government: VET self-assessment tool for schools (2023)

The VET self-assessment tool helps schools plan, implement and review vocational education and training (VET) programs that offer nationally recognised qualifications from industry-developed training packages or accredited courses.

Unit Assessment Summary Sheet example template

An example of an assessment summary sheet in template form

Continuous Improvement Plan example template

An example template of how an RTO could record a plan for Continuous Improvement

VelgCast: Third-Party Arrangements for Recruitment Services

This Velgcast describes the obligations and components to be agreed when entering into a Third-Party Agreement representing recruitment services.

NCVER: Insights for delivering VET online (2021)

This publication offers insights for educators, organisations and institutions to consider when designing and implementing training that is fully or partially online.

VET Student loans 2023 Course List and Loan Caps (2023)

The VET Student Loans (Courses and Loan Caps) Amendment Determination (No. 4) 2022 (Amendment Determination) came into effect on 1 January 2023 . This fact sheet provides a summary of the changes to the course list and loan caps. Please refer to the Determination (and the Amendment Determination) for the full list of VSL approved courses.

National Training Register Enhancement Project

The National Training Register Enhancement Project is improving the infrastructure and technology that underpins the National Register. This will support the vocational education and training sector well into the future.

Measuring What Matters Australia’s First Wellbeing Framework (2023)

This Measuring What Matters Statement is the first iteration of Australia's national wellbeing framework. The Framework can help us to better understand what matters most to Australians — to build a healthy, secure, sustainable, cohesive and prosperous Australia for everyone. The Framework has been developed through extensive research and consultation to identify the best available indicators of Australia’s wellbeing.

Velg Training Volume of Learning and Amount of Training Guides

This product is a set of worked examples that guides the user through one approach to analysing units of competency and other considerations when determining course duration and the amount of training.

Basic Marketing Release Form – Individual example template

A basic example template of a release form for use of photographs by the RTO for marketing purposes (individual)

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