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A Day in the Life Of....

A Day in the Life Of.... image

Ready, set, BUSY!

We know that RTO Managers are go, go, go.  And we also know that the number of hats you are required to wear is numerous and varied.

So, guess what we’ve done?  Velg Training have put together a special day of speed training PD.  

If you’re too busy 

maintaining your RTO’s compliance obligations,

ensuring your role is completing all of its responsibilities, for all stakeholders,

developing a continuous improvement schedule,

self-assessing your RTO’s position against compliance requirements,

reviewing your RTO’s practices,

interpreting and managing the organisation’s risk,

developing and implementing action plans,

helping staff understand the importance of a consistent approach to quality,

building a culture of quality within your RTO,

embedding compliance into your ongoing practice,

AND keeping up to date with ASQA’s requirements for the Annual Declaration on Compliance, [phew!]

you’re probably too busy to attend this series of webinars.


Luckily, we figured you might be busy, and in the event you can’t attend live, have made it so you can register and watch the recordings later.  

If you CAN fit in 5 x 45 minutes per session and/or you’d like a refresher on any of the points listed above that comprise a typical day for an RTO Manager, you might like to pencil us in now

Save the date: Wednesday 27 March 2019.

Speed Training for RTO Managers.

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Date posted Feb 7, 2019

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