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What's The Answer to Learner Engagement?

What's The Answer to Learner Engagement? image

Since the release of the "Student-Centred Audit Approach” in 2017, there is more of a focus than ever before on the Student Experience and driving Learner Engagement. It’s widely believed that by understanding and managing Learner Engagement it can be the catalyst for continuous improvement. This results in a well educated and skilled society, and the bottom line for the RTOs whose funding is based upon completion.

There is no one size fits all for how to engage a Learner. Amongst other things, there is a generation shift from how Baby Boomers learn to how Gen Z learns, as outlined in Mark McCrindle’s model below.

Defining Learner Engagement

The Australian Council for Educational Research conducted a research report with a focus on Learner Engagement and defined it as, “Students’ involvement with activities and conditions that are linked with high quality learning…While students are responsible for constructing their knowledge, learning also depends on institutions and staff generating conditions which stimulate and encourage involvement.”

Learner Engagement is not just about creating incredible multi-media learning content or state of the art facilities, it’s the entire Training & Assessment Process that they go through.

How  You Can Maximise Learner Engagement

Utilising a purpose built solution for Training & Assessment, like Cloud Assess, will support you in creating exceptional Learner Experiences as they progress through their journey. This is because Cloud Assess is a solution designed for the VET industry which is student focused, drives progression and efficiency and is built with the number one purpose to keep you compliant.

Student Focused

Engaging learners is a breeze as each student is greeted with a personalised dashboard displaying visual targets and reminders, they are not distracted by functionality they will never use.

Students can easily access relevant content libraries that provide all the additional resources that align to their enrolment.

Assessments can be built and contextualised the way you want, and flexible to adhere to your learning cohort. Effortlessly apply the rules of Fairness by easily making changes to your assessments such as:

  • Insertion of a digital sketchpad into the assessment. This is user-friendly and easily captures a diagram rather than requiring the student to draw something on paper or upload an attachment.

  • Request a 20 second video or audio recording to replace a written answer. This is a great way to support students with LLN needs. This can all be included in your assessment build by just a drag and drop.

Easily implement a straight forward Feedback Policy by automating surveys at key milestones as indicated in your Training & Assessment Strategy. These surveys can be built within Cloud Assess using the powerful Forms solution.

Sean McVeigh from St James College states, “Cloud Assess has made a huge difference to the way our students learn. They love using the software.”

Progress Management

Cloud Assess helps to keep your process moving.  Each User type whether it is an Assessor or Student etc, has a visual dashboard that clearly shows progression and important dates. With Cloud Assess, you can easily see who is engaged and who isn’t, in order to nurture them along the way.

The unique Pop-Up navigation that triggers once a task is completed, drives progression and prevents backlogs of work. This gives Assessors and Trainers more time to engage with students rather than spending time searching for records.

As Cloud Assess can be accessed anywhere and on any device, assessors are able to perform tasks including marking, whenever they have downtime. In turn, the students receive a faster turn around of feedback.

Automation can be built around your Training and Assessment Strategies for example, sending an automated email to students when their due date is impending. There are a range of Workflows (automated actions) that can be set up in order to keep your training plan moving.

Information That Drives Action

ASQA suggests that good practice is more important than audit preparation. Cloud Assess provides transparency and visibility across your entire process through tailored reports and progress dashboards. Information is available when you ask for it.

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Date posted Aug 8, 2019

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