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#2021NVC: Getting Assessment Practice Right

#2021NVC: Getting Assessment Practice Right image

This year's National VET Conference brings to you a number of VET themed categories which enable you to select the key areas of importance to you and your RTO.  We appreciate how important it is to engage in the right activities that provide a professional development experience of direct value to your own learning and continuous improvement needs.  

The Assessment category brings you THREE vocational education and training experts delivering sessions dedicated to enhancing your understanding of best assessment practices across the 2-day conference:

Influences of AQF on Assessment Questions
Anni Yaringa, VET assessment design, compliance, capability development and audit
Day 1, Session 2

Units don’t have an AQF level – that’s what we’re told. However, the AQF combined with other schema are essential considerations when deciding the type and complexity of questions to ask in an assessment event. They also impact on how, and indeed whether, technology can be used as the assessment medium. This session outlines the importance of AQF, LLN, Foundation Skills, Bloom’s taxonomy and technology in the design of effective knowledge assessments for a unit or cluster of units of competency.

Collecting Meaningful Evidence
Marc Ratcliffe, CEO & Founder, MRWED Training and Assessment
Day 2, Session 1

Compliant assessment requires assessment tools that are directly linked to the requirements of the unit, are relevant to the learner needs and reflect industry practice.  As practitioners, we need to be sure these tools are likely to produce quality evidence and have mechanisms in place to make appropriate decisions.   This session will help you to identify how to collect relevant and meaningful evidence that clearly links to the unit of competency requirements and appropriate AQF level indicators.

Self-Assuring Your Assessment
Melanie Alexandra, Vocational Education and Training Consultant, Velg Training
Day 2, Session 3

Meeting the requirements of the Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence may seem straight forward to some, yet validation and audit outcomes continue to highlight anomalies where most assessment practitioners thought they had got it right. With this in mind, Melanie will use this session to highlight best practice approaches across the development of assessment tools and conducting of assessment, enabling you to put the reigns of self-assurance firmly back into your own hands.

Whether you have a face-2-face ticket or are a Virtual Attender, if Assessment is the PD theme of value to you and your RTO, check out the above sessions throughout these 2 exciting conference days!

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Date posted Jul 22, 2021

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