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Does Your TAS Tell the REAL Story?

Does Your TAS Tell the REAL Story? image

Most commonly, ASQA finds that RTOs’ TASs:

  • do not provide an accurate or sufficiently detailed framework for delivery and assessment
  • are not adapted to meet the needs of target groups
  • do not align with the RTO's delivery and assessment practices

So why do we keep getting it wrong?

Training and Assessment Strategies (TASs) need to be monitored and reviewed in a systematic way to ensure they reflect what’s going on!

There are some really key components that inform the recording of your RTO’s practices, the information we need and the reflection of genuine operations.

In this BRAND NEW, 3-part series join the oracle of the TAS, Angela McGregor, who will guide you through the key components of the TAS and provide real-world guidance to assist you in creating TAS documents that are meaningful, compliant and reflect actual practices. 

The sessions have been designed to help take the ‘what’ and ‘why’ out of documenting the TAS and to highlight the areas that are commonly non-compliant.  Topics you can expect to be covered during each session include:

Part 1 - The Recording

  • Minimum requirements
  • Using a template
  • Sources of information to create or review the TAS

Part 2 - The Informing

  • Documenting the student cohort or target group
  • Detailing entry requirements
  • Amount of training, volume of learning and nominal hours

Part 3 - The Reflection

  • Documenting the delivery schedule and resources
  • Recording assessment methods
  • Industry consultation requirements

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Date posted Jun 16, 2022

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