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John Dwyer Unravels the Layers of Assessment Essentials

John Dwyer Unravels the Layers of Assessment Essentials image

How long has it been since you did PD in the fundamentals?

There’s a timeless truth in VET: competency-based assessment (CBA), yet assessment continues to be one of the most common non-compliances for RTOs.

Feedback from 2023 said you wanted PD that peels things right back to cement your understanding of the basics. So, we’re bringing you the ‘guru’ of all things assessment with his most popular sessions on the fundamentals.

Are you ready to get to the core of CBA?

Join John Dwyer this April in our back-to-basics trio of 90-minute webinars focused on unravelling the layers of assessment essentials. Delve into the foundations: Principles of Assessment & Rules of Evidence, how a Unit of Competency really works, and looking at your assessment practice from a 'big picture' perspective.

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Date posted Mar 28, 2024

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