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Your Coaching Companion

Looking to gain and cement your understanding
 of compliance and administration?

This coaching program is designed to support
administrators and compliance personnel
on their path to self-assurance.

Whether you're new to the VET sector,  starting a new role in your RTO, or
experienced administration/compliance personnel

looking to confirm that you're on the right track,
this course has been created just for you!

Compliance and administration expert Angela McGregor will be your supportive coach every step of the way to help you unpack, understand, and implement the world of RTO compliance.

She has designed engaging case studies, activities, and practical templates so that you'll be able to apply what you learn in the sessions in your workplace on the same day.

Sessions are tailored to benefit all RTOs; it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Regardless of your location, delivery methods, staff size, or campus (or lack thereof), we deliver the content in a way that allows you to immediately apply the information you need. 

The sessions are structured as building blocks, starting with the important foundations and gradually building your skills and knowledge. You'll gain insights into compliance and administration obligations and learn what to look for during reviews or spot checks to ensure you're on the right track.

Focused on the "Hot spots" within an RTO, each session will address the areas most prone to non-compliance and the highest risks. 

While Angela can't share everything she's learned from her 20+ years of industry experience, she will equip you with the knowledge and resources to develop and implement a self-assurance plan.

Over the course of 10 immersive 90-minute webinars (and accompanying  30-minute check-ins*) you'll unlock the full potential of your compliance role,
ensuring your RTO stays at the forefront of industry standards.

Anglea McGregor
Owner & Principal Consultant
RTO Consulting

About our Coaching Companion

Angela McGregor is the owner and principal consultant of RTO Consulting who has been offering consulting services throughout Australia.

As a practitioner dedicated to sharing knowledge, Angela has consulted through many forums pertaining to compliance issues and improvement strategies for training and assessment services. Angela is known for her current industry, knowledge and success in developing accredited courses and track record in setting up RTOs and assisting RTOs with compliance against the VET Quality Framework.

Click on the title of each webinar title below to find out more!

You can select individual sessions that suit your needs however, by signing up for the full program,
you'll gain unparalleled insights and benefits, all while enjoying a 15% bundle discount

MEMBERS PRICE: $75 inc GST per webinar   OR   bundle and save 15% (save $112.50)
NON-MEMBER PRICE: $105 inc GST per webinar   OR   bundle and save 15% (save $157.50)

Empowering Self-Assurance: Obligations and BeyondTuesday 17 October
Piecing Together the Enrolment and Progression PuzzleTuesday 16 April 2024
The Power of Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS)Tuesday 14 NovemberTraining and Assessment Material Review!Tuesday 11 June 2024
Growth Through Feedback, Complaints, Appeals and Refunds Tuesday 12 DecemberThe Art of Assessment ValidationTuesday 16 July 2024
Certificates, Logos, and Compliance MasteryTuesday 13 February 2024Trainers and Assessors: The Compliance EssentialsTuesday 10 September 2024
Paving the Path to Successful Enrolment and Learner SupportTuesday 19 March 2024Expanding Horizons: Scoping Success and Auditing AptitudeTuesday 8 October 2024



MEMBERS PRICE: $637.50 inc GST (save $112.50)    |    NON-MEMBER PRICE: $892.50 inc GST (save $157.50)

*check-ins: Check-ins are available only to attendees who are participating in the full program. They are an opportunity to discuss what you have applied from previous sessions, what is working, where you need support, questions you have and to share and learn from others within in the group and build a network. Attendees will be able to submit questions prior to the check-in and ask questions during the check-ins.

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