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VelgCasts... What are they?!

VelgCasts... What are they?! image

Did you know, as a member, you have access to a whole suite of over 65 VelgCasts? If you’ve ever needed a quick fix of VET information or an easy way to gain that extra bit of PD then VelgCasts were made for you! 

Our VelgCasts have been tailoured to specifically address some of the most sought after topics of interest within the VET industry. 

Not a member? We didn’t want you to miss out... check out this page here:

P.S You can add a VelgCast to your professional development record! Keep reading to find out more...


So, what is a VelgCast?

Similar to a podcast, a VelgCast combines an audio clip with an accompanying video. It’s almost as if you are watching a short and sharp presentation!

With each VelgCast lasting no more than 12 minutes, the ability to understand key topics in short segments is right at your fingertips. 

All 65+ VelgCasts are available FREE to Velg Training Members.

If you wanted to view our full range of VelgCasts you can follow this link here, or have a peak at the following page.  

What topics are available?

There are over 65 VelgCasts available on a range of topics that relate to your job within the VET industry. 

Our VelgCasts unpack some of the requirements into manageable explanations and informative videos in order to help take the burden of interpreting the standards out of your daily life.

Whether your interested in: Training and Assessment, VET Legislation and Frameworks, Student Administration or Management, Compliance and Governance – you’re covered!

Add to your Professional Development Record

Please note that although there are no formal Certificates of Completion for viewing each VelgCast, it is highly recommended that this professional development activity is recorded.  

Velg Training has provided a VelgCast PD Record template for you to record the relevant VelgCast sessions that have been viewed.  

Anything else I should know?

Our suite of VelgCasts sit within our Knowledge Hub; an intricately curated source of information that has been created for you, as a member of Velg Training. 

As a purpose-built members only space on our website, the Knowledge Hub presents a one stop shop for all you need to stay current in the VET industry. 

The amount of FREE PD you have access to as a VET practitioner is astounding.

We have created a nifty flyer for you to keep track of all the VelgCast topics! Each topic is linked to its related VelgCast.


Date posted Apr 11, 2019

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