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Number of Training Products for Review

Number of Training Products for Review image

Australian Industry Standards has released the following draft material for review:

TLI Traffic Operations

  • Qualification x 1
  • Units of competency x 19

Overview: New technology and the impact of traffic congestion is driving the need for new skills including the ability to effectively manage and operate within ever changing traffic environments. Specialised skills, problem-solving and analytical skills, are driving a more integrated approach to traffic operations. The reliance on road transport continues to increase and industry is seeking new and innovative ways to improve efficiency.

TLI Chain of Responsibility

  • Units of competency x 3

Overview: The project will address the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) regulatory reforms concerning Chain of Responsibility.

This review is considered imperative to ensure Australian Transport and Logistics enterprises remain viable, and compliant with regulatory requirements. HVNL is being amended to safeguard every party in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain and to ensure the safety of transport activities. This Case for Change will ensure Chain of Responsibility legislation is aligned with relevant workplace health and safety regulations.

TLI Shared Equipment

  • New Skill Set x 1
  • New units of competency x 2

Overview: This project will address the need for skilled pallet and pooled equipment workers across the Transport and Logistics supply chain.

The new Skill Set will strengthen support for the Transport and Logistics enterprises (supply chain) and reduce the financial losses due to poor Pooled Equipment Management.

TLI Freight Forwarding

  • Qualification x 1
  • Units of competency x 11

Overview: Regulatory changes to Biosecurity are required to be incorporated into the qualification and Units of Competency, enabling the compliant shipping of Australian goods to countries around the world. These changes require shippers to utilise new documentation and processes, ensuring shipped international freight meets Australian and international regulations.

For more information, you can view the AIS website or click on the links above to see the draft materials and provide feedback.

Date posted Apr 11, 2019

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