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The Impact of Non-Compliant Practice

The Impact of Non-Compliant Practice image

If it’s been discovered (either through the results of self-assessment, or outcomes of an external audit) that there is non-compliant practice within your RTO, it is critical that the impacts of those non-compliances are identified and remedial action/rectification is planned for, and implemented.

ASQA’s Fact Sheet – Addressing non-compliances following an audit states that ‘providers are accountable for identifying and correcting non-compliant practices and behaviours, particularly those that have had a negative impact on learners.’

This means you and your RTO are responsible for identifying the seriousness of the breach and the extent of the remedial action to be applied.  Join Angela McGregor for this webinar about how to do just this.

Angela has assisted hundreds of RTOs with rectifications/remedial action and she will share her experiences and provide her insights on how to:

  • Identify and determine the impacts
  • Plan to carry out remedial action
  • Prioritising remedial action
  • Gain/submit appropriate evidence of remedial action undertaken

To know more about this important topic and to book your ticket, see the event page.

Date posted Apr 11, 2019

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