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Calling All Melbourne-ites!

Calling All Melbourne-ites! image

There are so many workshops, webinars and other sessions out there on similar topics of concern for RTOs.  This one though, takes the time to give participants a hands-on approach to unpacking examples of non-compliant assessment items.

Already sold out in Sydney, and near capacity in Brisbane, this workshop goes back to basics to help with the essential driver for any RTO - ensuring that assessment tools and supporting material are compliant.  

Although it takes on a 'back-to-basics' approach, the session is presented through the eyes of an auditor and aims to explore answers to the questions:

  • What are common areas of non-compliance in assessment practices identified an audit? 
  • What assessment practices, systems and processes do auditors expect to see? 
  • How do you ensure that all staff consistently apply an RTO’s assessment system? What informs an auditor that the RTO is delivering high quality and compliant assessments, that permits it to issue AQF certification documentation? 
  • What documents and level of documentation are sought by an auditor? 

During the workshop, participants will unpack examples of non-compliant assessments and supporting material, to provide valuable insight into practices to avoid. Reasonable adjustment and student support, RPL assessment practices and third-party reporting will also be covered on the day, together with validation of assessments as an RTO quality assurance mechanism.

The Melbourne workshop is filling fast; don't miss out!  Tickets and more information are available from the event page.

Date posted May 16, 2019

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