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National Student Outcomes Data

National Student Outcomes Data image

Free individual reports of employment outcomes, training satisfaction, perceived benefits and relevance of training, as reported by their students, is now available to eligible RTOs.

Each year, the National Student Outcomes Survey (SOS) collects important information about VET students’ satisfaction with their training, their employment outcomes and if they go on to further study.

The survey is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

The 2018 survey was designed, subject to response rates, to provide data for registered training organisations (RTO) with:

  • 100 or more domestic graduates in 2017
  • 860 or more domestic subject completers in 2017.

The RTOs that meet the above criteria and have enough survey responses for their students will be provided with a report summarising their students’ survey responses, alongside national and state comparisons.

2019 National Student Outcomes Survey

The 2019 National Student Outcomes Survey opens on Friday 31 May for students who completed a training qualification or subject during 2018.

Eligible RTOs will again be able to access data as reported by their students.

For more information, you can view the:

Date posted May 16, 2019

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