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Brand New Third-Party Evidence Gathering Template

Brand New Third-Party Evidence Gathering Template image

Assessment evidence is gathered through a variety of methods and often it is necessary to include supplementary evidence from an employer or other party to contribute towards being able to make a valid judgement about a student’s competence. This evidence gathered from other parties (also commonly known as third parties) needs to align with the rules of evidence in the same manner as other evidence that is gathered towards competence. To assist, it is common practice to provide third parties with a template to ensure the evidence will be useful and valuable in contributing to a decision of competence.

This template provides such guidance in ensuring the third party is suitably qualified and be in a position to make relevant comment, as well as providing a format that will provide sufficient clarity to the third party in formulating their comments. It also includes appropriate space for assessor determinations and comments/feedback.

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Date posted May 16, 2019

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