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Make SHIFT Happen!

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In recent times, there has been an unprecedented shift from the ways of learning that we know and love.  Our enthusiasm to explore innovative methods has been tested and taken up a few gears before many of us have been ready to take this challenge on board.  To prepare our learners, so that they may learn just how to learn informally, we, as trainers and assessors, need to build into our teaching practices a range of ways to ensure that our learners can do just that.

This webinar session seeks to uncover a range of tools and approaches that training organisations can use with their learners to help them build these informal learning skills including learning transfer and team 'ecosystems'.  These tools, combined with an effective assessment strategy, can also provide evidence for soft skills and knowledge-based assessments, workplace projects, industry consultation, work placements and group work projects.

Key topics to be covered within this webinar include:

  • Virtual information and workplace activities
  • Preparing our Learners - to learn how to learn
  • Tools and approaches to build learning skills
  • Learning transfer and ecosystems
  • Informal learning

Navigate Informal Learning with Mick Gwyther in this brand-new webinar designed to  help you maximise your impact on learners.  To register click on the button below:


Date posted Aug 27, 2020

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