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#2021NVC: Key Principles for Engaging Learners

#2021NVC: Key Principles for Engaging Learners image

This year's National VET Conference brings to you a number of VET themed categories which enable you to select the key areas of importance to you and your RTO.  We appreciate how important it is to engage in the right activities that provide a professional development experience of direct value to your own learning and continuous improvement needs.  

The Training/Student Engagement category brings you FOUR vocational education and training experts delivering sessions dedicated to enhancing your understanding of best training and learner engagement practices across the 2-day conference:

Cognitive Load Theory: Principles for application in the classroom and virtual environment
Tony Kirton
Day 1, Session 3

Described by leading British educationalist Dylan Wiliam as ‘the single most important thing for teachers to know’, Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) explores how the limitations of working memory must be considered in any approach to training delivery and instructional design.  This session explains the basis of Cognitive Load Theory and why you should be incorporating its principles into your designs and discusses some key principles and how they can be applied to learning design and training delivery.

Principles of Adult Learning for the Future
Chemene Sinson
Day 1, Session 3

The principles of adult learning underpin how we help people develop the skills and aptitudes they need to thrive at work.  This session aims to help you answer the ‘so how’ question: ‘So how can I use these latest insights?’ You will have a chance to reflect upon and identify ways to incorporate the updated principles of adult learning into your own practice. The Presenter has identified that this session could be for anyone in VET (experienced or new) who is interested in adult learning principles.

Engaging the Unengaged
Jane Goodfellow
Day 2, Session 1

There are many reasons why our students become unengaged. This session will not only explore these reasons but why students are disengaged, why their expectations are not matching delivery, what engagement actually looks like, Universal Design for Learning and provide trainers with some practical strategies and ideas to reengage students that trainers can implement straight away!  Just bring your phone and an open mind and walk out with a tool kit of ideas. 

Permission to Play
Jason Ash
Day 1, Session 4

As children, we embraced the joy of exploration, the wonder of discovery and the excitement of creativity.  But, as adults, we often lose our way, which is why we need to give our learners and ourselves Permission to Play!  In this session, we will explore why it is important to 'play', how we can influence 'play' that occurs around us and finally set a plan to introduce the concept of 'play' into our regular practice.

Whether you have a face-2-face ticket or are a Virtual Attender, if Training/Student Engagement is the PD theme of value to you and your RTO, check out the above sessions throughout these 2 exciting conference days!

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Date posted Jul 29, 2021

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