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Get Your Training to Grand Slam Level!

Get Your Training to Grand Slam Level! image

Successful student engagement is paramount to progression and completion! As trainers/instructional designers/curriculum developers, we are always looking for ways to create interest, maintain engagement and activate learning.

So, how do we line up our training up to take game, set and match?

The brain is always striving to make sense of new information that it receives by looking for connections between previously stored knowledge and current information being presented. Anticipatory sets let students guide their brains to recall and link previously learned information.

Work together with Tamara Cousins & Alexandra Vardis this July, in this 90-minute, highly interactive session that will explore practical ideas you can take back and embed into your teaching practice.

You will be actively involved in discussion, working in small groups and undertaking reflection to help put some top spin on your training!

Key topics covered will include:

  • Key characteristics of an effective and engaging session

  • High Impact Teaching Strategy Structuring Sessions

  • Defining ‘anticipatory sets’ and application to sessions to engage students and activate learning

  • Ways to incorporate anticipatory sets into sessions

I Am Ready to Ace It!

Date posted Jun 23, 2022

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