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From Binary System to Ecosystem

From Binary System to Ecosystem image

A recent report from KPMG has set out to “provoke discussion” about the future of Australia’s tertiary education system.

Presently a binary tertiary education system exists: VET and higher education. They are distinguished by both funding arrangements and approaches to learning (CBT versus curriculum-based).

The report argues for a unified tertiary system and makes 10 broad recommendations for how this might be achieved.

  1. A national tertiary education and training system
  2. A tertiary education system with the Australian Qualifications Framework at its centre
  3. A unified funding framework
  4. Greater funding transparency and accountability
  5. Independent tertiary education pricing authority
  6. A unified tertiary education loan scheme
  7. Regulatory arrangements
  8. Valuing teaching excellence
  9. Improving information on tertiary education outcomes
  10. Removing higher education provider categories

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Date posted Oct 11, 2018

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