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[On Demand] Numeracy: A core and crucial skill in VET (Webinar) Webinars

Join us for this webinar which was a popular session at the 2016 NVC! This session will focus on the N in LLN and presents why it is crucial to address numeracy and not ignore it.

[On Demand] Understanding and Implementing RTO Administration Compliance Requirements (Webinar) Webinars

Join us for this webinar which was a popular session at the 2016 NVC! This session focuses on identifying the clauses within the standards relating to administration activities, understanding the RTO’s compliance obligations and developing strategies to monitor and maintain compliance.

[On Demand] Is your marketing material compliant with CRICOS? (Webinar) Webinars

Your marketing material is out in the public eye and a reflection of your RTOs compliance. During this webinar you will receive clear, concise and simple advice that you can implement to review your current marketing material and ensure future material meets the requirements of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act (2000) (ESOS).

[On Demand] Integrating LLN and the ACSF into our Training and Assessment (Webinar) Webinars

Join us for this webinar which was a popular session at the 2016 NVC! This webinar explains how an effective trainer/assessor understands the significance of Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) and is able to apply the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) to the learning and assessment process.

[On Demand] Why Leadership Will Always Matter: How to lead with purpose (Webinar) Webinars

Leadership is a vital attribute for any individual and/or business. For an individual, leadership and the ability to take ownership and strive for excellence can be the difference between success and mediocrity.

[On Demand] Evaluation and the Learner/Employer Questionnaires Webinars

Join us for this webinar which was a popular session at the 2016 NVC! This session will discuss effective methods of evaluation, how to collect the data and most importantly, the analysis of the data enabling valuable continuous improvement of courses to occur.

[On Demand] Volume of Learning (Webinar) Webinars

This webinar will assist attendees in identifying their volume of learning responsibilities, help them to determine the amount of training required for a particular program, using the AQF volume of learning indicators as a benchmark, provide advice on how to justify alternate study periods based on the learner cohort and outline where in a Training and Assessment Strategy this could be reported.

[On Demand] Enhancing the Quality of Assessment with Mapping (Webinar) Webinars

Join us for this webinar which was a popular session at the 2016 NVC! This session is not a ‘how to’ instruction on mapping, rather will posit some challenges about your purposes for mapping and guide you to investigate strategies that work towards achieving those purposes.

[On Demand] Online Training Design (Webinar Webinars

Join us for this webinar which was a popular session at the 2016 NVC! This webinar will show you how to use the action mapping online design process to unpack a unit of competency to develop an online training program which is engaging and relevant to your learners.

[On Demand] Developing Assessment for Clustered Units (Webinar) Webinars

Join us for this webinar which was a popular session at the 2016 NVC! This session has been designed to discuss the benefits of developing efficient and effective assessment tools for groups or clusters of units of competency and how to avoid the pitfalls associated with over or under assessing.

[On Demand] 12 ways to provide better feedback Webinars

Feedback is critical in supporting candidate progress and improvement. However, it is often provided to learners in ways that are geared towards compliance, rather than meaningful performance improvement. This webinar outlines 12 ways to provide better feedback to support candidate performance.

[On Demand] Building LLN Assessment into Training (Webinar) Webinars

In this webinar we’ll cover insights and strategies to help you incorporate a LLN focus into your current diagnostic, formative and summative assessment practices.

[On Demand] Register of Documents Preview (QLD Schools Webinar) Webinars

The Standards for RTOs 2015 came into effect on 1st January 2015 and schools should now be fully compliant with these Standards. We have many RTO Managers/VET Coordinators in schools indicate they do not have time to update their documentation and to assist schools with this process, we would like to show you our Register of Documents Product. Join Kerri Buttery for a 30 minute complimentary webinar so she can show you how the Register of Documents can help make your job that bit easier.

[On Demand] A is for Agent, B is for Broker: Navigating the perils (Webinar) Webinars

Are you providing the right information to your potential students? Knowing how to engage students the right way from the first day is key.

[On Demand] Creating a Productive and Profitable Training Organisation (Webinar) Webinars

This webinar will explore the trifecta of engagement factors that can make your organisation great; learner engagement, employee engagement and industry engagement. Participants will be provided with practical tips to integrate into their RTO settings and advice on how to build more productive and profitable organisations, both locally and internationally.

[On Demand] RPL is Mandatory Again - Black Box Approach (Webinar) Webinars

This webinar explores the opportunities to “put into effect” an RPL assessment approach that is user-friendly for both the candidate and the assessor whilst maintaining, in an efficient and effective manner, the quality and rigor of the qualification. This ‘Black Box’ ensures the ‘jargon of the unit’ remains out of sight of the candidate and is substituted by a self-assessment that is not only easy to undertake but clearly informs the assessor of the evidence that needs to be collected for them to make and record their professional judgement.

[On Demand] Creating a system of assessment validation (Webinar) Webinars

This program will provide value for trainers of all ages and experience levels. Seasoned trainers will learn new ways to engage and enliven audiences with more than 50 alternatives to lecture and those new to the training profession will obtain a great foundation on how to use creative training techniques to attract and maintain the interest of their audiences. This is a workshop designed to free participants from boring and unproductive sessions and unlock the true potential of every group.

[On Demand] Five Challenges for Assessors (Webinar) Webinars

This webinar is designed to help Vocational Education and Training (VET) Trainers and Assessors gain a clearer understanding of common issues that arise in competency-based assessment (CBA). It will provide attendees with an opportunity to update their knowledge and skills on five challenges faced by Trainers and Assessors in VET.

[On Demand] Building LLN into VET: first steps beyond TAELLN411 (Webinar) Webinars

This webinar is designed for trainers who have recently completed TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills, and want help taking their first steps towards merging an LLN focus into their own training and assessment practice.

[On Demand] How to turn a compliance issue into a marketing tool Webinars

This session explores the ways to gain a reputation with people who will sing your praises and sell your training for you! In today’s world, marketing is just as important as compliance - yes you need the compliance to maintain registration, but you also need the clients. So let’s go on this journey together to make your RTO sustainable.

[On Demand] Aligning the Hoops - Achieving Compliance through Best Business Practice (Webinar) Webinars

Weather the “perfect storm” of change engulfing the VET sector at the moment by aligning the “compliance hoops” through good business practice, specifically in the most challenging areas of Amount of Training and trainer & assessor competency and currency.

[On Demand] How to maintain vocational competence (Webinar) Webinars

Maintaining vocational competence is a requirement of all trainers in the VET sector. However, it is often something that proves problematic for practitioners, either in terms of recording their proficiency or in actually keeping current.

[On Demand] How to create sustainable industry engagement and validation (Webinar) Webinars

Industry engagement and validation are important responsibilities of RTOs. However, they represent some of the highest non-compliances at audit. This webinar will demonstrate how to create sustainable industry engagement and validation opportunities that lead to better systems and outcomes.

[On Demand] Stepping Stones of Validation (Webinar) Webinars

This webinar provides the opportunity for the RTO to determine the ‘Stepping Stones’ to achieving a consistent and planned approach to systematic validation of assessment practices and judgements across all of the training products on its scope of registration. These ‘Stepping Stones’ will include an approach to determine a statistically valid sample of assessments that accurately reflect the number of students that have been assessed.

[On Demand] The Impact of Language, Literacy and Numeracy on the VET Sector (Webinar) Webinars

LLN is the heart of success for all learners, especially those in the VET sector - it is, and should be considered, core business. Support with LLN is critical during VET training. This webinar will explore what trainers/teachers need to look for, and how to offer appropriate and informed support for learners from a range of backgrounds.

[On Demand] Teaching Tips for TAELLN411 Trainers (Webinar) Webinars

This webinar is designed for TAE trainers, to offer ideas to effectively deliver and assess TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills. This webinar will include considerations, and approaches applicable to most contexts to build LLN skills whilst completing vocational training.

[On Demand] The Ultimate RTO Administrator - Part 2 (Webinar Series) Webinars

This three-part webinar series has been designed to develop the relevant compliance knowledge of administration staff to successfully complete their daily tasks as well as sufficient understanding to contribute and improve the compliance standards of their organisation.

[On Demand] Beyond Static Assessment (Webinar) Webinars

Join Wendy Cato for this webinar that looks at how assessments should be realistic, challenging and meaningful.

[On Demand] Empowering the VET researcher (Webinar) Webinars

While the rise of the Internet and the ability to more widely disseminate information has distinct advantages, it has also led to the concept of information overload. Thus the team behind the VOCEDplus database have created a new platform for accessing themed collections of quality resources.

[On Demand] Online Training Design (Webinar) Webinars

Unpacking a new unit of competency can be quite daunting, let alone designing a whole new online training program which meets all of a unit’s educational and compliance requirements. This webinar will show you how to use the action mapping online design process to unpack a unit of competency to develop an online training program which is engaging and relevant to your learners. The techniques showcased can be used to plan an online training program for any learning management system.

[On Demand] ASQA and industry engagement: creating a win-win situation (Webinar) Webinars

Join this webinar to find out how you can create a win-win situation for both you and your industry through effective industry engagement.

[On Demand] Creating best-practice assessment instruments and tools (Webinar Series) Webinars

This three part webinar series seeks to help assessment developers to create robust assessment instruments and tools that support the collection of quality evidence and confirm that an individual can perform to the standards expected in the workplace or expressed in a relevant training product. Content of the workshop is based on meeting the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, specifically clauses 1.8 and 1.9.

[On Demand] Comprehensive Guide for Trainer and Assessor Requirements (Webinar) Webinars

Over the next few years there will be a staged transition for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to meet the trainer and assessment competence and currency requirements of the Standards for RTOs 2015. This webinar will be examining the requirements of the 2015 standards in relation to human resources, areas that will significantly impact on some RTOs and what has changed from the previous standards.

[On Demand] The Top Most Common CRICOS non-compliances (Webinar) Webinars

After this webinar you will have the knowledg to confidently review you systems and place yourself in a healthy position prior to an audit. Ask questions, gain knowledge and be well informed on CRICOS Common Non-Compliances.

[On Demand] International Students - Making sure you meet the needs of students (Webinar) Webinars

This session will help CRICOS Providers identify the needs of international students and where this fits within the ESOS Framework.

[On Demand] Thinking of becoming a CRICOS Provider? Where do I start? What do I need to know? (Webinar) Webinars

The CRICOS World is very different to the RTO/ELICOS/HIGHER EDUCATION word. There is different legislation, unique requirements for international students and a lot of things you should know before you make your decision if it is right for you.

[On Demand] Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of the RTO’s CEO (Webinar) Webinars

This webinar will look at the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) as these are outlined in relevant legislation and national standards.

[On Demand] Suggested Evidence for Audit (Webinar Series) Webinars

Wanted to go to this workshop but couldn’t make it because of date clashes or travel restrictions? We are now offering our popular one-day face-to-face ‘Suggested Evidence for Audit’ workshop as a three-part webinar series, with content delivered over two-hour sessions each week.

[On Demand] How to develop and implement a recognition strategy (Webinar) Webinars

This new one hour webinar will feature a presentation from Kerry Rock, Director of Group Recognition, outlining the benefits of developing and implementing a recognition strategy for your organisation.