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[IHPD]Guidelines for Conducting a Training Product Review In House PD

The purpose of conducting an internal review is to assess the RTO’s compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015 with particular focus on the training product, primarily with Standard 1. The internal review is an integral part of the RTO’s commitment to continual improvement. These reviews should be systematic and recommended to be conducted on an annual basis. The summary of findings and rectifications identified should then feed in to the systematic internal audit process that is completed against all standards. The full internal audit process is covered in a separate workshop ‘Suggested Evidence for Audit’.

[IHPD] Extending Assessment Practice: moving beyond the tick and flick approach In House PD

This workshop focuses on providing relevant and meaningful feedback to candidates on their performance, rather than issuing the generic tick and flick form. Attendees will be presented with methodologies and tools to extend their assessment practice and thus provide a more enriching assessment journey for their own candidates.

[IHPD] Creating Best-Practice Assessment Instruments and Tools In House PD

This workshop seeks to help assessment developers to create robust assessment instruments and tools that support the collection of quality evidence and confirm that an individual can perform to the standards expected in the workplace or expressed in a relevant VET product.

[IHPD] RPL the ‘Black Box*’ approach In House PD

A practical, user-friendly, ‘Black Box*’ approach to developing RPL assessments that removes the complexity for the student whilst ensuring the quality and rigour of professional judgement is maintained.

[IHPD] The Bakers Dozen In House PD

To assist RTOs in their compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, Velg Training is offering a 2 day ‘workshop style’ consulting service to assist in customising procedures and providing professional development to your staff.